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Thanks to our technical department, we are able to provide appropriate solutions to any kind of closure to the customer's request.


In our production facility we produce our closures with the use of cutting edge technology and in compliance with environmental and safety policies.


Thanks to the gained experience and team of qualified personnel and continuously updated, we perform shipping and assembly on site.


Should there be any drawbacks for product malfunction Trivellato srl guarantees assistance where possible within 48 hours.


Scheduled maintenance is key to ensure a smooth operation over time in order to preserve the product in good condition and securely over the years.

Industrial Door Manufacturer -

Trivellato operates in the field of automatic closure systems for the industry and non commercial use, crafting, supplying and deploying systems that ease operations and increase the speed of processes like for example handling and unloading of products.

Welcome to Trivellato

Our products comply with the most rigorous standards of security and consistency so that we can guarantee the optimal performance during a long time period.

Sectional Doors Industrial

Trivellato has the capacity to supply a broad assortment of industrial and residential doors: various kinds of closing technologies, location restraints or customized constructions are some of the regular requests we respond to with highly effective means.

Trivellato srl

Professionalism, competence and better technology are available to meet every request

A young and dynamic company that operates in the field of industrial closures. Trivellato srl has become over the years a synonym for reliability, safety and quality-price ratio. This is certainly due to our managers, creativity and experience, professionalism and preparation of technicians and to the work and commitment of all. Industrial and residential doors, closures of all kinds, customized solutions, with extensive configuration possibilities for every requirement. A brand that grows and renews itself with professionalism and business ethics for a continuous evolution in the respect of tradition.

Industrial closures. Solutions for every request.

- Warehouses
- Industry
- Large Rooms
- Composting plants

- Farm storages and animal shelters
- Car washers
- Low temperature
- Food Industry

- Explosive atmosphere
- Laboratories
- Garage

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