Loading Bays


Loading bay is normally composed by: the isothermic portal or sealant, the dock leveller and the sectional door. This three separate elements together form the best solution and the most used where the loading / unloading of the means becomes a basic requirement for a logistics warehouse.

The isothermic portal:

• repairs the personnel engaged in loading and unloading good from bad weather

• protects the goods from the elements

• helps to maintain a constant indoor climate

• facilitates compliance with the applicable health standards.

Front composed of black rubber flaps. Side parts in PVC sheet, colours: grey, ivory, blue and yellow. Bearing structure in galvanized steel.

The platform of load or dock leveller allows the loading and unloading easier and faster to any vehicle without any problems for the height of the load floor. Available with two different flow rates: from 6000 kg and 9000 kg.

SAFETY DEVICE: dock levellers are equipped with an hydraulic emergency device that, in case of a sudden departure of the vehicle, acts by controlling the descent speed of the ramp.

The sectional door concurs to complete the loading point. It can be manual or motorized. The application of one or more portholes allows to inspect from inside the approaching fof the truck for the operations of loading and unloading.

  • punto di carico - docking shelter 1
  • punto di carico - docking shelter 3
  • punto di carico - docking shelter 2
  • punti di carico - loading bays - docking shelters
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