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Thanks to our technical department, we are able to provide appropriate solutions to any kind of closure to the customer's request.

We create a demand draft through graphical rendering of the finished product to inspect the final result.


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In our production facility we produce our closures with the use of cutting edge technology and in compliance with environmental and safety policies.

Our technicians are constantly trained and experience to enable us to enter into the market a quality product essentially free of defects.


22392295 3 uomini 3d con martello chiave inglese e cacciavite2 Thanks to the gained experience and team of qualified personnel and continuously updated, we perform shipping and assembly on site from time to time agreeing with the client the most appropriate approach. For installations on sites particularly critical, or if requested by the customer, Trivellato Ltd. provides its own lifting service. For missions abroad or if the customer opts to run in its mounting one of our technicians will be able to superivise on-site assistance.


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Should there be any drawbacks for product malfunction Trivellato srl guarantees assistance where possible within 48 hours.

The most common spare parts are always in stock.


Icona manutenzione programmata2 Scheduled maintenance is key to ensure a smooth operation over time in order to preserve the product in good condition and securely over the years. Scheduled maintenance is performed according to the characteristics and the type of work product.

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